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Whatever yout TV network is know for, may be SPORTS, NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, WEATHER, or BUSINESS, our simple and reliable technology delivers content for TV broadcast networks to audiences around the world on any device they choose. You have the ability to use the syndication controls to select delivery options for your audiences including geography and scheduling of blackout times. You have multiple monetization options including automated ad insertion, which can be targeted to specific geographic audiences.

Today, most mobile devices serve as second screens in developed countries. However in emerging countries mobile devices are at the center of everything entertainment, social media as well as communication. Enlyt Media has developed proprietary and innovative technology to enable the streaming of content on mobile especially in merging countries. Telecommunication companies now have a golden opportunity to become the further cables by using our end-to-end video technology and by integrating into existing customer workflows, mobile device users can watch live content of local television, international sports, church services, and even attend live class sessions all on their mobile devices using either a mobile site, mobile application, or our easy to use text-based content discovery.



Cable networks can reliability stream multiple television networks at the same time including VOD channels. Your customers are no longer restricted to a website but they can take the whole cable network catalog with them whenever they go. The robust analytics enable Cable networks to go beyond counting views by channels but to tracking real-time engagement, geographic trends and demographic trends to better target content.


Studios no longer need to rely on conventional methods to get their content to their customers. Digital content management with limitless storage and workflow enables distribution of content at the right time, the right screen, at the highest quality, for maximum revenue. Studios can connect directly to global viewers and can monetize movies using subscription-based models and advertising. Since we are integrated with CDNs around the world, the delivery costs are lower and we have high delivery speeds.

Marketers and online video publishers can now captivate customers, drive demand and increase conversations with high quality video-rich experiences. By customizing video players to match your branding, you can deliver a consistent experience to your customers. Since we capture all data about your customers and video viewership, marketers can review the data for trends and gain better insight into customer behavior, have more relevant sales conversations and close deals faster and well as shape an improved content strategy over time.




Educators can now educate, inspire, and engage students through the video streaming of live or on-demand content. Educators can use the live events module to collaborate with other educators and students to exchange ideas and best practices share stories improve performance across the hallway or across continents without leaving your campus.

Enlyt Media's versatile end-to-end technology enables simple yet reliable, scalable and revenue generation distribution of digital content across many industries. 


Our customers and partners can expect new innovations that are improving their workflows, increasing conversations and brand loyalty among their consumers, and driving growth in revenues.

We value our customers and partners 

Television Broadcast Networks

Television Cable Networks

Music and Movie Studios

Marketers and online Video Publishers


Telecommunication Companies

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